As an employer, The Montgomery Law Firm has a unique perspective. We:
  • Like to act as if we will all be working together for the rest of our careers;
  • Believe that in order to implement a career-long perspective, we have to be happy "today" and expect to be "happy tomorrow";
  • Recognize that in order for us to be happy, we have to have balance in our working lives, with our home lives, and with our recreation lives;
  • Believe that in order to strike that balance, we must have as much autonomy as is consistent with our interdependence upon each other; and
  • Believe that each person should enjoy as much of the fruits of their efforts as is consistent with our previously agreed commitments to each other.

The Montgomery Law Firm has openings for:

  • Lawyer members (filling a vacancy as well as at least 1 new position)

The firm is a general practice firm located in Bradenton, Florida, a medium sized community on the southern shore of Tampa Bay. It is approximately 1/2 hour south of St. Petersburg (across the Sunshine Skyway); 1 hour south of Tampa; and 1/2 hour north of Sarasota.

The firm emphasizes commercial litigation, community association law, personal injury, sexual harassment litigation and domestic relations law, but also practices in other areas of law.

The Firm uses computers extensively, including Lexis-Nexis on-line research. All members of the firm are expected to be or become fully functional in word processing and electronic spreadsheet applications. Some members will assume duties requiring functional familiarity with databases and time and billing software.

Members are not limited in the amount of time that they may take as leave time as long as communications are not hampered and the member can be expected to meet performance standards. Of course, performance may be effected by extended absence. Health insurance is available.

PLEASE NOTE: We are an equal employment opportunity employer. We do not descriminate based upon race, religion, gender, physical disability or country of natural origin.

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